Monday, 29 October 2012

nail art - food and drink part 4!!

Hi guys!!

So this is the final part of my food and drink logo nail art!! I hope you've enjoyed the others :) Just before i started writing this i received some post from a local beauty college to tell me i begin a nail services course next month!!! eeeeeekkkk!!! Finally I'm on the right path to reaching my dream job!!

Anyway on with the design. This post will feature my fanta design. I have to be honest, i absolutely LOVE this design. It's so cool and actually very simple to do but has a great effect. You'll see on the picture that i somehow managed to split the nail in between finishing the design and taking a picture so my apologies for that.

With this design the i only used one nail polish and the other colours are from nail art pens off ebay. This is simply because i didn't have the right colours in bottles to achieve a good look. Here is a picture

The colour is used for the base coat is Barry M  136 Tangerine. Now i have to say it does look like a bit of a weird colour in the bottle, but when you put it on, it's simply stunning. I think i may be actually obsessed with it. Obviously it's an orange colour but it has incredibly fine pieces of glitter in which gives it a beautiful shimmery effect. I'd definitely recommend this over a metallic orange (if that even exists?!?)

Next i did the writing. As with all my others i used my new look nail art pens and a small paintbrush only this time obviously in blue!! Definitely take your time with this as the a's are a little different to standard a's. I then outlined it in white. Only this time i used the nib of the pen as it was a lot thinner.

Writing done the next step was the background effect. For this i simply used a yellow nail art pen and an orange nail art pen and painted curving stripes above and below the writing - really simple actually!!

After  i took my white nail art pen and using the nib painted very short lines coming off the writing and painted 2 green leaves above it. 

And voilĂ  fanta nail is done!! i honestly can explain how easy it was to do this!! the longest part was the writing and that took minutes. In total it probably took about 7 minutes to complete this design so something you can definitely consider doing for your friends as the more you do it I'm sure the quicker you'll become.

Just a little tip given the amount of layers just ensure each one is dry before moving onto the next step and it'll be perfect.

I have to say this post seems very short but it's such an easy design there's not really much more i can say about it......the next few posts will hopefully be reviews about some new nail polishes I've brought, of course my Halloween nail art - which I'm yet to do and something a little bit different in the middle of the week so look out for that!!

Thanks again for checking out my page and hope to see you soon


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