Wednesday, 24 October 2012

nail art - food and drink part 1!!

Hiya guys!!

After my last post on my first experience with nail paintbrushes i thought i'd show a few more "technical" designs i tried out. For most of my designs i watch video's on youtube as i've got to be honest i have NO imagination what so ever.
The past few times I've been watching someone take brands from foods and put it onto a nail so i decided to have a go myself following the video. I did 4 designs in total and i have to say it takes ages!!! i suffer quite a bit from shaking hands so i was glad to have a minute break in between colours as it dried.

The first design i did was "skittles". I achieved through using one nail polish and then nail art pens i got off ebay and putting a drop onto kitchen roll as i've mentioned before. Here is a picture.

Obviously the first step was to paint the nail red. i used two coats to get a more vibrant colour. The red i used was models own red alert.

When that was dry i used my thinnest paint brush to do the white lettering i have to say you don't realise how many letters certain names have until your trying to paint them on a nail!! i then simple washed the brush and outlined it with black when it was dry. With some parts of the lettering i did have to go over some of the white again just to make it look cleaner.

Next came the rainbow. The colours i wanted to use weren't opaque enough when using it over the red. They were such lovely bright colours tho and i was desperate to use them. What i ended up doing was mixing the colour with a little bit of white on some kitchen roll. By doing this it gave the colour more of a base but still kept the lovely brightness. I used the same brush as i did the writing otherwise the stripes in the rainbow would of been too thick and wouldn't of looked right.

i then used a cocktail stick to make the little dots around the design. I didn't follow a particular system with this, just put any colour anywhere!!

This design did take around 20 minutes to complete, so if i was to do this on my actual nails i think I'd probably just stick to the ring finger on each nail as i would be there for hours doing each individual nail. And as amazing as it would look, my nails wouldn't be long enough either to achieve a good look especially with the last finger.

A quick tip if your like me and take quite a while with each section, the nail polish does dry quite quickly on the kitchen roll.  If this does happen to you, rather then adding another drop simply dip your brush in the nail polish remover and start painting again. It doesn't effect the colour or consistency in at all.

I will do a post each day on the different designs so that way i can talk about the products i used and the steps i took so look out for part 2!!

Thanks again to everyone who's had a look at this page and even more to those who have commented and followed



  1. So cute, I really want to do a coca-cola one, xoxo.

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