Monday, 22 October 2012

First attempt with paintbrushes - daisies!!

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Well tomorrow i have an informal chat at a beauty college near me to hopefully start a nail services course!! This is a massive step in the right direction to hopefully achieve my dream of working in a nail bar or salon. So please keep those fingers crossed!!

I thought today I'd take the opportunity to show some of my own nail art to you guys. I'm not trained in anyway shape or form, it's purely a hobby at the moment, so it won't be at the high standard others are, but i wanted to show you anyway.
As i don't have a job at the moment, i frequently trawl ebay for good deals on nail tools and polishes. One particular time i came across this set of nail brushes. I've seen them used in youtube video's and the precision people achieve with them is fantastic so i thought why not?? You can get lots of different sets varying in prices. Mine only cost £2 brushes which included shipping which i think is an absolute bargain!! 
These are the brushes i got.

When using them, i can't begin to explain how easy the are to use!! even the epically long one you still have complete control in what your doing!! definitely much better then the brushes which come with nail art pens.
I decided to start off with a fairly simply design just to try and get used to them. I did my first design on a false nail so i would have both hands free.

For this design i used Models own Jade stone for the base, A white nail art pen from New look and Barry M np307 which i actually mixed with the white to achieve a real pastel yellow.
What i did, was use the brush from the nail polish and nail pen and dropped a bit of the colour on a piece of kitchen roll - so it was a bit of a makeshift pallet!!
I then started off with the centre of the daisy's so i mixed a bit of the yellow with some white and did a dot at either ends of the nail - allowing room for petals.
I then used the white to do the petals, looking back i think it may have been easier if i'd done a petal at 12 o'clock, 3, o'clock, 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock first and then filled the rest in. This would of meant the petals would of been more even but hey you have to learn somehow don't you!!
I then simply used the dotting tool from the nail art pen to do the dots in between. It really is such a simple design with a really nice effect. When you've finished with each colour, simply dip your brush in some nail polish remover and wipe off with some kitchen roll. A bit like you would with a normal paintbrush with water!!

This design is definitely a good one to choose if it's your first time using paint brushes.

If anybody would like the link to the person i got the brushes on please feel free to ask and i'd be more then happy to send you a link



  1. Omg I got those brushes as well off ebay but mine were white not pink! xoxo.

    1. did you find them as easy as i did?? couldn't believe how easy they were!! i got the person to knock 17p off mine take it down to £2 haha xxx

    2. I just typed in the ebay search engine nail brushes and found them! They cost me £2.09 and free delivery lol, xoxo.