Thursday, 25 October 2012

nail art - food and drink part 2!!

Hiya guys!!

As i was just about to write this I've had a bit of a all hands on deck situation. I knocked over a bottle of nail polish remover on my table. Now if anyone has ever done this it usually spells calamity. I spilt a bit on my coffee table once without realising and the next thing i knew my dad was sanding down the table having to re-paint it. whoops!!!

As i said in my last post I'm doing a few posts dedicated to nail art I've done based on logo's on food and drink. This time i shall focus on my Pepsi one!! Again this is from a youtuber which i have subscribed to so all credit for the design goes to her.

I achieved through using some actual nail polish and then nail art pens i got off ebay and putting a drop onto kitchen roll just like the skittles one. Here is the picture

The first step i took was the base coat. For this i used rimmel london azure. i have to say this was the PERFECT brand and colour to use as it was metallic and gave it a can like look. I applied two coats just to give it the opaqueness as one coat wasn't enough.

Next i used a white nail art pen i got as part of a set from new look to do the writing. As with the skittles on i used the thinnest brush i had. I find it's a lot easier to use a thinner one and build it up in thickness rather then jumping straight in with a thick one.

i then outlined the writing with models own Prussion blue. i love the matt effect this nail polish gives, but i have to be honest it didn't work great as the outliner as the colour is just too similar to the base coat.

After came the circle. Following the instructions on the youtube video i did the whole circle in white. At first i couldn't understand why this was, but when it came to applying the red and blue it all makes sense  Given the darkness of the base coat it makes it SO much easier to see the colours and makes it a lot more vibrant. As you can see i did my writing a little too far down so i couldn't fit the full circle in so i just improvised slightly with the shape in order to fit the colours in but achieve the right look for the design. Next time i'll definitely have to do the writing higher up.

To finish it off i mixed white with models own prussion blue again and just did streaks around it. This simply adds a bit of texture to the "can" part of the design. It should of really gone underneath as well but given the layout of my design i couldn't fit it in!!

As complex as it may seem this design only took about 10 minutes to do!! Again as with the skittles on if i were to do it on my actual nails i'd only do it on my statement fingers and probably just paint the others with the same blue but add glitter to or something.

I have a few more designs as part of the food and drink logo category so look out for part 3 coming soon!!


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