Saturday, 20 October 2012

Models own winter wonderland collection

hiya guys!!

Well i have now become the proud owner of the complete winter wonderland collection by models own!! I've only recently got into the models own nail polish and i can't believe how fantastic it is. i first their nail polish on a youtube video and straight away i thought "wow i have to get some of that" one became 3, 3 grew to 5 and now i have quite a collection. Obviously some people may not rate it  as highly as i do but each to their own. i have no complaints at all. I'm yet to find a colour i don't like and certain colours i can get away with only putting one layer on.

Anyway onto the winter wonderland collection. After models own had their summer sale as a celebration for reaching 100,000 likes on facebook they brought out this collection ready for christmas. I have to say they are gorgeous!! There are 5 bottles in the collection and all as pretty.

Here's a first glance at them.

the collection includes Blizzard, southern lights, northern lights, jack frost and snowflakes.

At first glance i thought blizzard would be very similar to the hed kandi ibiza mix but i was actually pleasantly surprised at how individual it was. The polish is made up of sliver only hexagons in various sizes. Its very easy to apply and you don't have to try and place them when applying. You don't even necessarily have to have a coloured base coat.  Here is a swatch with 2 coats applied.

The next nail polish is called snowflakes. I thought this particular one gives the same effects Models own other new collection - the mirrorball collection. This nail polish is made up of pearly coloured flakes which can look  different  colours depending on the light.This particular nail polish definitely needs a base coat as there simply isn't enough coverage achieved without. Here is a swatch with 2 coats applied.

Jack frost
This nail polish is a gorgeous glittery polish, with very small pieces of glitter so is very different to the other glitter nail polishes models own already has. The colour of the glitter gives off a beautiful pearly effect with flashes of purple and blue giving it a real frosty effect. Perfect name!! Here is a swatch with 2 layers.

Southern Lights
This nail polish create's a similar effect to the Jack frost, only it is more opaque as the glitter is purple. This one is definitely one of my favourites as the sparkle it gives off is truly stunning. I would say with this one it isn't particularly opaque with one coat, but add a second and it's just right without the need for a base coat. Here is a swatch with 2 coats.

Northern Lights
This one is the same as the Southern lights only the glitter is pink. Again this really requires 2 coats if you want an opaque look. This colour is definitely my favourite out of the collection. The sparkle effect it has and the different colours it picks up is just gorgeous. I can definitely see myself getting this one again. here's a swatch with 2 coats.

Overall i have to say this collection really is amazing. Much better then i could of ever imagined. I can't wait to do some serious nail art with these at Christmas. Here's a final picture of all of the swatches together.

Boots currently have their 3 for 2 offer on so you can get them from there or check out the models own website where you can get all 5 AND a clear for £20!!


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