Sunday, 23 December 2012

It's christmasssssssssssss!!!

"snow is falling, all around you, children plaaaaying, having fun"

Hiya guys!!

Okay so this post in case you can't tell is Christmas related woop woop!! Now the idea of this post was to show you some Christmas nail art, however i did my nails at college last week and i kid you not the polish has not chipped a single bit!! And I'm the kinda girl who doesn't like to take perfectly good nail polish off for no reason whatsoever......
All is not lost tho!! i do have a few pictures from nail art in past years, just remember they are a few years old so aren't the best :-/ Also my nails were teeny tiny at this point - guess it's just good to show different designs for people with shorter nails!!

Right on with the pictures!!!
First is my rudolph one.....

First thing to say about this is i cannot begin to explain how easy this was to achieve!! i ended up doing all 10 nails in this design last year as it was just so simple but looked really good too.
You start of with the base coat - of course. I picked bright blue but you can pick any colour really, i wouldn't suggest black tho as the reindeer won't show very well. I think white would look pretty awesome tho.
Next i took my brown nail art pen and just drew a circle and "coloured" it in - easy peasy!!
The step after is take another brown which is lighter then the one you used for the circle (i used gold) and simply painted a 2 crosses on the top of the head for the antlers. If you have longer nails you can obviously make the antlers longer just do what you can.
And the final step is 2 blue dots in the circle for eyes and a red dot for the nose!!
And ta da!! done!! Something which does look REALLY good is if you have any little red gems, stick one of those in place of the nose. This can be done with nail glue or simply putting it on wet nail polish.

Number 2 is a penguin

Again short nail alert!! and very very simple!!
Start off with the base coat. I used white, obviously you can use different colours but i really do think white is the best for this particular design.
Next take a black nail art pen and do an oval shape in the middle for the penguins body and fill it in. Then do 2 little ovals either side for the arms.
After that take a gold nail art pen and do 2 thick lines at the bottom for the penguins feet (orange can be a suitable substitute) 
Ensuring the black oval in the middle is dry, do a smaller white oval in the middle and fill it in for the penguins tummy.
Finally do 2 white dots in the black oval for the eyes and a little gold one for the beak.

And the final one!! what's Christmas without a...... Christmas pudding!!!

This one may quite possibly be most simplest design ever!! but really effective too!!
Start off with a dark brown base coat - the darker the better!!
Make sure it is really really dry otherwise the colours will blend when doing the next step and that's not good!! Next take a white nail art pen - see the importance now?? pink icing on christmas cake is a no go!! Simply do a wavy line about a quarter of the way down the nail and fill the top part in.
Once that is dry take a green nail art pen and do two squiggly shapes for the leaves. If you have longer nails you can get more detail on for the leaves. And finish it off with a few red dots for the berries and there you go!!

I just want to take this opportunity to everyone who has looked at my blog, it means an awful lot!! i didn't think i'd reach 100 views and i smashed the 400 mark which is just amazing.
Hope you all have a wonderful christmas and  a very happy 2013.


p.s. here's a few cheeky pictures of my nails i did at college!! still a bit festive with the glitter :D

see the difference in nail lengths!! told you they were teeny tiny last year haha!!

Friday, 14 December 2012


Hiya guys,

Just wanted to do a little post to give my apologies for the lack of updates. In one of my previous posts i mentioned my granddad passed away, and things literally didn't stop until about 2 weeks ago. Also I've started a nail services course at college so naturally I'm practising manicures as much as possible and doing work so i can pass first time!! This also means i haven't been able to do anything on my nails as my college has a no nail polish rule. When I'm on top of everything I'll be able to try out more products a lot more and do some more nail art for you guys.

Also what with Christmas only being 11 days away like pretty much everyone in the world i'm uber busy and literally can't afford life so i don't even have any new products to do a blog on if i wanted too!! This post really does seem like an awful lot of excuses but I've noticed the continued interest in the blog from the page views increasing day by day. Massive thanks to EVERYONE who ever clicked on the link as it means such a lot to me.

You can guarantee there will be a new blog between now and Christmas as of course i will do some Christmas nail art, so do stay tuned!! i also have some nail polishes which aren't really new to me but are pretty new in the market so i will blog them at some point. If not before Christmas then certainly in the new year!!

Lots of love to everyone


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Barry M Chameleon!!

Hiya guys (again!!)

So i've seen lots of reviews on this nail polish some good and some not so good. It's something i've wanted to try out for a while so i took full advantage of having a few extra pounds in my purse and brought one. 
I couldn't decide which one to get but eventually settled on the pink one. 
These are the 3 colours available

First things first is to apply 2 coats of the polish. Simples!! here is a few swatches....

I personally think this colour alone is gorgeous!! It's a mid tone metallic pink and is quite a thick and creamy polish so very easy to apply.
When that is dry you add a clear top coat for the magic to take effect. I had read somewhere that only the barry m top coat works but as i didn't have that i used models own top coat.
I have to say it worked perfectly!! It's so quick and simple and you can create different designs so easily.
here's a few pictures.

As you can see the difference in colours isn't as drastic as maybe the silver or the blue but the purple it produces is a beautiful colour too. These pictures are with flash so the purple does look a bit lighter then it actually is. 
I have to say even tho i've only tried the one i'm very impressed with this effect polish. It's something people who are new to nail art would really appreciate i feel as it's just so simple!! Also you effectively get 2 colour nail varnishes for £3.99 which is a really good price as well.
Obviously the effect could depend on the thickness of the topcoat so just make sure you have a reasonably thick one. Oh and don't get carried away when you've done the design and put a top coat over the top as your design will disappear!!

Look out for some more reviews and nail art coming soon!!


something a bit different!!

Hiya guys!!

Firstly i think an apology is due. I haven't posted in a while as i've had a death in the family so have had funeral arrangements etc to be dealing with. I'm not going to go into it but i notice some of you beautiful people have still been clicking on my blog so thank you!!

On my last post i said i would do a blog on my halloween nails, some reviews and something a bit different. Well this is the something a bit different post!!

On Halloween i ventured down to blackpool for a 3 day break as i was finally going to meet my idol Karen Barber!!! For anyone unsure of who she is, she's a professional ice skater. I have to say she's amazing. I've admired her for so many years and it was such a dream come true meeting. I had a skating lesson with her and Dan Whiston and my socks were well and truly rocked!!
Yes i was a complete idiot as i was so nervous but it was the best 2 hours of my life.
This is me with Dan......i'll save my karen on for later!!

On the 1st November i have to say i was on a massive comedown!! it was horrible!! I spent the day doing as much sightseeing as you can in blackpool in the pouring rain, i went to the sea life centre and madame tussauds. Is it weird i was a bit starstruck with waxworks??.......

Just a few pictures!!

Then on the 2nd November i had a ticket to see Kyran Brackens ice party which karen and dan were performing in. I have one word to describe it. Amazing. All the skaters were fantastic and there was a beautiful tribute to stephen gately which i have to be honest reduced me to tears within the first minute!!
Karen and Dan skated to Me and Mrs Jones which was such a beautiful performance. And the best bit, was the "cast" (don't know if that's what you'd call them!!) Skated round the rink at the end and Karen gave me a hug!! i nearly died.

I don't really know what more to say as the whole 3 days were such a blur!! I'm going to get straight on and do a review of a nail polish now and post it so you'll get 2 posts in 1 day!! lucky people hehe.
I'll leave you with my favourite picture tho which of course is of me and Karen.
Thanks again guys for still clicking and looking


Monday, 29 October 2012

nail art - food and drink part 4!!

Hi guys!!

So this is the final part of my food and drink logo nail art!! I hope you've enjoyed the others :) Just before i started writing this i received some post from a local beauty college to tell me i begin a nail services course next month!!! eeeeeekkkk!!! Finally I'm on the right path to reaching my dream job!!

Anyway on with the design. This post will feature my fanta design. I have to be honest, i absolutely LOVE this design. It's so cool and actually very simple to do but has a great effect. You'll see on the picture that i somehow managed to split the nail in between finishing the design and taking a picture so my apologies for that.

With this design the i only used one nail polish and the other colours are from nail art pens off ebay. This is simply because i didn't have the right colours in bottles to achieve a good look. Here is a picture

The colour is used for the base coat is Barry M  136 Tangerine. Now i have to say it does look like a bit of a weird colour in the bottle, but when you put it on, it's simply stunning. I think i may be actually obsessed with it. Obviously it's an orange colour but it has incredibly fine pieces of glitter in which gives it a beautiful shimmery effect. I'd definitely recommend this over a metallic orange (if that even exists?!?)

Next i did the writing. As with all my others i used my new look nail art pens and a small paintbrush only this time obviously in blue!! Definitely take your time with this as the a's are a little different to standard a's. I then outlined it in white. Only this time i used the nib of the pen as it was a lot thinner.

Writing done the next step was the background effect. For this i simply used a yellow nail art pen and an orange nail art pen and painted curving stripes above and below the writing - really simple actually!!

After  i took my white nail art pen and using the nib painted very short lines coming off the writing and painted 2 green leaves above it. 

And voilĂ  fanta nail is done!! i honestly can explain how easy it was to do this!! the longest part was the writing and that took minutes. In total it probably took about 7 minutes to complete this design so something you can definitely consider doing for your friends as the more you do it I'm sure the quicker you'll become.

Just a little tip given the amount of layers just ensure each one is dry before moving onto the next step and it'll be perfect.

I have to say this post seems very short but it's such an easy design there's not really much more i can say about it......the next few posts will hopefully be reviews about some new nail polishes I've brought, of course my Halloween nail art - which I'm yet to do and something a little bit different in the middle of the week so look out for that!!

Thanks again for checking out my page and hope to see you soon


Saturday, 27 October 2012

nail art - food and drink part 3!!

Hi guys!!

Welcome to part 3 of the food and drink logo nail art!! I hope you've enjoyed the other 2 posts I've done. In the past 2 days i went out a purchased some new nail polish and effects so look out for the review coming soon!!

The design for this post is Oreo's!! I have to admit I'm a massive fan of these biscuits, but since i became allergic to chocolate i can't eat them so what's the next best thing?? stick it on a nail of course!! As with the other 2 designs i followed a tutorial youtube video so i can't take any credit for the design, just the outcome.

Again as with the skittles and the pepsi design i achieved this look through using bottles of nail polish and various nail art pens i purchased off eBay. Here is a picture.

The first step i took was painting the base coat. For this i used Models own prussion blue. Can i just say i absolutely LOVE the effect this gave me!!! It is a matt finish nail polish and i have to admit I'm a little bit obsessed with it. it's gorgeous.

Then i took Models own beths blue and painted a diagonal line about 3/4 of the way down the nail and painted in the bottom part of it. This is part of the ice cream sundae collection and a real baby blue colour. Because of the fab consistency i only had to do one coat of this.

I then took my always reliable new look white nail art pen and did the lettering. When doing this it has to be done over both colours. This writing is pretty thick but i found it easier to stick with the thinnest brush and just build up on it.

i then took my blue nail art pen from my eBay collection i purchased and painted around the writing in a sort of "bubble" shape. If you go over the white accidentally you can always go back over it afterwards.

Then you have to go around the blue with the white. Instead of using a nail paintbrush i used the nib of the nail art pen. This was simply because it would achieve a much thinner line. Once that was dry i went around the white outline with the blue again. ONLY ON THE BOTTOM THO.

The next stage was the milk splashes at the bottom. I improvised this to be honest. All i used was the white nail art pen and painted out a splash effect. You can do it however you like, just make sure it goes all the way across the bottom. 

The final stage is the cookies. If you've eaten the cookies you'll know that they are very very dark brown. None of my browns were dark enough, so i took my darkest brown, put a drop on some kitchen roll and mixed a drop of black in with it. This creates a perfect colour. I then simply did 2 oval shapes at the top and one at the bottom. Once that is dry simply paint a white line through the middle for the icing.

And there you have it a gorgeous oreo design. Given how many steps you have to take you'd think this would be incredibly difficult. I can honestly say this is without a doubt the easiest. It doesn't take very long at all, only about 10 minutes which i think is well worth it!!

As always thank you for checking out my blog, look out for part 4 of the food and drink logo nail art category coming soon!!


Thursday, 25 October 2012

nail art - food and drink part 2!!

Hiya guys!!

As i was just about to write this I've had a bit of a all hands on deck situation. I knocked over a bottle of nail polish remover on my table. Now if anyone has ever done this it usually spells calamity. I spilt a bit on my coffee table once without realising and the next thing i knew my dad was sanding down the table having to re-paint it. whoops!!!

As i said in my last post I'm doing a few posts dedicated to nail art I've done based on logo's on food and drink. This time i shall focus on my Pepsi one!! Again this is from a youtuber which i have subscribed to so all credit for the design goes to her.

I achieved through using some actual nail polish and then nail art pens i got off ebay and putting a drop onto kitchen roll just like the skittles one. Here is the picture

The first step i took was the base coat. For this i used rimmel london azure. i have to say this was the PERFECT brand and colour to use as it was metallic and gave it a can like look. I applied two coats just to give it the opaqueness as one coat wasn't enough.

Next i used a white nail art pen i got as part of a set from new look to do the writing. As with the skittles on i used the thinnest brush i had. I find it's a lot easier to use a thinner one and build it up in thickness rather then jumping straight in with a thick one.

i then outlined the writing with models own Prussion blue. i love the matt effect this nail polish gives, but i have to be honest it didn't work great as the outliner as the colour is just too similar to the base coat.

After came the circle. Following the instructions on the youtube video i did the whole circle in white. At first i couldn't understand why this was, but when it came to applying the red and blue it all makes sense  Given the darkness of the base coat it makes it SO much easier to see the colours and makes it a lot more vibrant. As you can see i did my writing a little too far down so i couldn't fit the full circle in so i just improvised slightly with the shape in order to fit the colours in but achieve the right look for the design. Next time i'll definitely have to do the writing higher up.

To finish it off i mixed white with models own prussion blue again and just did streaks around it. This simply adds a bit of texture to the "can" part of the design. It should of really gone underneath as well but given the layout of my design i couldn't fit it in!!

As complex as it may seem this design only took about 10 minutes to do!! Again as with the skittles on if i were to do it on my actual nails i'd only do it on my statement fingers and probably just paint the others with the same blue but add glitter to or something.

I have a few more designs as part of the food and drink logo category so look out for part 3 coming soon!!