Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Barry M Chameleon!!

Hiya guys (again!!)

So i've seen lots of reviews on this nail polish some good and some not so good. It's something i've wanted to try out for a while so i took full advantage of having a few extra pounds in my purse and brought one. 
I couldn't decide which one to get but eventually settled on the pink one. 
These are the 3 colours available

First things first is to apply 2 coats of the polish. Simples!! here is a few swatches....

I personally think this colour alone is gorgeous!! It's a mid tone metallic pink and is quite a thick and creamy polish so very easy to apply.
When that is dry you add a clear top coat for the magic to take effect. I had read somewhere that only the barry m top coat works but as i didn't have that i used models own top coat.
I have to say it worked perfectly!! It's so quick and simple and you can create different designs so easily.
here's a few pictures.

As you can see the difference in colours isn't as drastic as maybe the silver or the blue but the purple it produces is a beautiful colour too. These pictures are with flash so the purple does look a bit lighter then it actually is. 
I have to say even tho i've only tried the one i'm very impressed with this effect polish. It's something people who are new to nail art would really appreciate i feel as it's just so simple!! Also you effectively get 2 colour nail varnishes for £3.99 which is a really good price as well.
Obviously the effect could depend on the thickness of the topcoat so just make sure you have a reasonably thick one. Oh and don't get carried away when you've done the design and put a top coat over the top as your design will disappear!!

Look out for some more reviews and nail art coming soon!!


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