Friday, 14 December 2012


Hiya guys,

Just wanted to do a little post to give my apologies for the lack of updates. In one of my previous posts i mentioned my granddad passed away, and things literally didn't stop until about 2 weeks ago. Also I've started a nail services course at college so naturally I'm practising manicures as much as possible and doing work so i can pass first time!! This also means i haven't been able to do anything on my nails as my college has a no nail polish rule. When I'm on top of everything I'll be able to try out more products a lot more and do some more nail art for you guys.

Also what with Christmas only being 11 days away like pretty much everyone in the world i'm uber busy and literally can't afford life so i don't even have any new products to do a blog on if i wanted too!! This post really does seem like an awful lot of excuses but I've noticed the continued interest in the blog from the page views increasing day by day. Massive thanks to EVERYONE who ever clicked on the link as it means such a lot to me.

You can guarantee there will be a new blog between now and Christmas as of course i will do some Christmas nail art, so do stay tuned!! i also have some nail polishes which aren't really new to me but are pretty new in the market so i will blog them at some point. If not before Christmas then certainly in the new year!!

Lots of love to everyone


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